Seth Godin on Education and Learning

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Mostly, organized public education was designed and paid for to create generations of kids who can sit still, pay attention, do what they were told, and who would be ready for factory work. So the education system is all about processing human beings like a factory. If they’re defective, hold them back and process them again. Everything meeting spec. Standardized tests. Test and measure.

If you want to teach someone to be a baseball fan, you don’t give them a baseball textbook and tell them there’s going to be a test. And if they do well on that test, there’ll be another test. And if they do well on four years worth of tests, maybe they can go to a game. This is not how baseball fans are created. We don’t have to do anything to get baseball fans to measure batting statistics – or get involved with metrics. They do it because they want to.

And if we find someone who is deep into American History, they are not deep into American History because there is a test, they’re deep into it because they like the status that comes from mastery. They like satisfying their curiosity. They are on a quest. They’re exploring.

So our future. Our future where Google knows everything. Why in that future would we ever teach people to memorize stuff? What is the value of memorizing anything? If its worth memorizing, it’s worth looking up.

What we need to teach kids, from an early age, is resiliency. And curiosity, and energy, and positivity, and connection, and respect, and dignity.

Exactly the way we teach a kid how to walk. Every single kid who is physically able to walk, who is 10 years old, can walk. So what happened? Along the way, at some point they didn’t know how to walk and then they did. Not from a text book, not from a video, but from standing up and falling down. And standing up and falling down. That approach was worth it because they wanted to be able to walk.

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