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Human Potential and Talent

skip to 34:40 Are we working too hard to measure and spot talent – branding and marking people too early? Gladwell: Success is correlated with having a ‘broad, early base’. Specializing too soon can be problematic. There are a body of skills you learn only if you have a broad, early base. For example, many… Continue reading

Book Lists

I like to know what successful people read, but I don’t necessarily like to get it from a Forbes or Business Insider list. So here is an aggregation of successful people’s reading list – from the source.

Seth Godin on Education and Learning

Start at 9:09 Mostly, organized public education was designed and paid for to create generations of kids who can sit still, pay attention, do what they were told, and who would be ready for factory work. So the education system is all about processing human beings like a factory. If they’re defective, hold them back… Continue reading